3x Month Supply - 3x 36L Rolls. SAVE SAVE SAVE


3x Month Supply - 3x 36L Rolls. SAVE SAVE SAVE

Save 28.60% on your order by subscribing with less shipping. 

3x 36L rolls delivered every quarter (3 months) on subscription. 

Pause, cancel anytime (Although we hope you don't) Our 36L 100% certified compostable & biodegradable bin liners have a real impact.

Size: 600 X 710mm | 16 bags in per roll

Our 36L liners are certified home compostable. Tick.   

Perfect for your large free-standing organics bin. 

Every roll sold we plant* a tree and provide a living wage to the local people in Madagascar and Nepal, helping them break free from the shackles of poverty! 

Our bags contain corn starch which is a renewable crop along with other ingredients such as PBAT* (This is the part that helps it compost in your home compost).

They are designed for practicality with a higher micron and tab ties for ease in your home or commercial use. 

Once the bag is full, drop it into your home* or commercial compost bin and let it work its magic, degrading into biomass, carbon dioxide and water in moist conditions. 

Commercially compostable.  
(check with your local councils to see if they take these types of bags) 

Certification standards Achieved:

·         Australian Standard (AS4736-2006)
·         European Standard (EN13432-2000)
·         American Standard (ASTM D6400)

*Plant, we have partnered with Eden Reforestation Projects who plant and employees the locals, we donate for every roll we sell. 

*PBAT This is made up of fossil fuel.
(We are working towards better solutions that remove this element but technology has only come so far at this stage.)  

*Home compost: This will need to be maintained and keep around 40 - 60 degrees while keeping a balanced supply of 50/50 browns and greens to break down.