Facts & Certifications

Global technical standards have always been set up for everything, and that doesn’t make compostable bin liners any different. Standards regarding both Biodegradability and Compostability have been made known, with every single one of them made-to-measure to accommodate the specific prerequisites of numerous regions across the globe. With that in mind, we’ve made sure our bin liners meet the certifications, as well as have been certified, by diverse professional bodies.

The bin liners that we have are certified to be used in both commercial composting establishments and in-home composting bins (AS5810). They’ve been externally tested and approved by accredited professionals. The principal authority for verifying Compostable and Biodegradable items globally, namely the Organic Waste Systems (OWS), have certified that our bin liners, accoutered with the BF90 series materials (one of the ingredients used in our products), to meet the following standards for:

1. The European Standard (EN13432-2000)
2. The American Standard (ASTM D6400)
3. The Australian Standard (AS4736-2006)

According to these standards, a product can only be considered compostable and biodegradable if they can breakdown at a 90% level in a period of six months, inside a field of an environment conducive for litter and aerobic composting. Deterioration and decay must be induced by authentic microbial activity that leads to the creation of organic components, rather than simply undergoing structural decomposition into tinier fragments. Supplementary prerequisites of the numerous standards include a compulsory qualification for a volatile solid product composition that’s higher than a level of 50% – which our items surpass with their volatile solid product composition levels at 99%!