Everyone deserves to live a valued life free of the imprisonment of poverty

Global Impact


14,040 Trees

In Madagascar & Nepal as of 14/10/20


140 Days

Of employment to the local people

We believe the best way to create positive change is to embrace a circular economy.

To us, that means clever design, minimising waste, respecting our planet and the people who inhabit it, and working within nature, not above it. But most of all, it means giving back.

Regenerating razed lands

Every time you purchase a Plant-ly product, you become part of a wave of change that has a positive impact on thousands of people and places all around the world.

We have partnered with non-profit organisation Eden Projects who work in communities in countries including Haiti, Ethiopia, Nepal, Indonesia, Madagascar and Mozambique. Here, Eden Projects helps to create valuable employment opportunities for adults with the aim of alleviating extreme poverty.

Every community in which Eden Projects works was chosen due to its high risk status as a result of intensive forestry or climate change and is replanted with trees and plants that formerly created important ecosystems.

In regenerating these razed lands, Eden Projects works with local communities to offer gainful employment on a living wage.

Together, we can make a huge difference.

For every one roll purchased

We plant a tree in an area of the world hit hardest by climate change or intensive forestry. 

Providing a living wage to the local people to help break them free of the shackles of poverty.  

Alleviating poverty

The natural world provides the basic things we need for survival; air, water and food. Without these, we have nothing. It is these things we need to preserve,
and, working with Eden Projects, we are changing the future of our world.

We help create jobs that sustain members of local communities by providing inspiring, positive work and a living wage, allowing those individuals to comfortably support their families. Not only is extreme poverty alleviated, their lands are replenished, wildlife returns, and the trees act as natural purifiers and protect from flooding and erosion, further protecting land from its sister, the sea.

Help us change the future

Of our world one tree, one wage, and one community at a time.

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